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Higher price for staple foods in North Kordofan

March 1 - 2016 SODARI
Harvesting Abu Suf ('hairy') millet in North Darfur (Practical Action)
Harvesting Abu Suf ('hairy') millet in North Darfur (Practical Action)

Food prices are soaring in North Kordofan. Especially millet and flour have become difficult to obtain since the government announced lifting subsidies on fuel in January.

The price of a sack of millet in Sodari locality, in central Sudan, has risen to SDG600 ($97.25). Listener Mohamed Nur said that many residents complain about the soaring millet prices, which is the staple food in Soderi.

“The situation threatens to turn into a famine for everyone,” he claimed.

Nur added that the price of one piece of bread has risen to SDG1, a pound of sugar costs SDG9 ($1.45) and people have to pay SDG200 ($32.40) for a cooking gas cylinder.

He said that a ticket for a bus seat has risen to SDG350 ($56.70).

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