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‘Vote for Al Bashir, or starve’: Commissioner to West Darfur displaced

March 23 - 2015 SIRBA LOCALITY
President Omar Al Bashir (file photo)
President Omar Al Bashir (file photo)

The Commissioner of Sirba locality in West Darfur, has allegedly threatened the displaced with starvation, if they do not vote for Al Bashir in the forthcoming election.

The displaced living in Abu Suruj camp in Sirba locality, West Darfur, rejected the launch of the electoral campaign by members of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) on Saturday. Camp residents threw stones at the officials, forcing them to leave.

In response, the Commissioner of Sirba locality threatened the camp residents with thirst and starvation. He said that the water would be cut off, and that they would be denied access to their farmlands. The camp would be dismantled and the displaced would be expelled from the area if they do not vote for the incumbent President.

The coordinator of the Sirba camps described the threats to Radio Dabanga as “unacceptable, and a violation of the Sudanese Interim Constitution, and human rights in Darfur”.

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