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At least five dead as Sudan forces fire on anti-coup demos

November 17 - 2021 KHARTOUM
Anti-coup demo in Khartoum today (Photo: Mosaab Hassouna)
Anti-coup demo in Khartoum today (Photo: Mosaab Hassouna)

At least five people have died and dozens injured after Sudan security forces again fired on protesting civilians with live ammunition. Thousands of people took to the streets of Khartoum and other cities in Sudan today, in renewed marches organised by resistance committees, to protest against the military coup d’état that seized power on October 25.

Security forces fired on demonstrators with live ammunition and tear gas in marches held in Khartoum, Khartoum North (Bahri) and Omdurman. According to the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors (CCSD), at least five people have been killed and dozens more wounded by gunshots.

They confirmed that during today’s anti-coup processions, three civilians were killed by fire in Khartoum, one person died from gunshots in Omdurman, while in Bahri, one civilian died after he was shot in the head, and another was shot in the neck.

The CCSD confirms that there was heavy gunfire from the security forces. Some of the injured are in critical condition.

The junta continues to impose a total internet and mobile phone service blackout in Sudan, activists say “to isolate Sudan from the world, in an attempt to hide their atrocities against civilians”.

Poster promoting today's marches:
"No to negotiations, No to settlements, No to partnership [with the military]"


US support for civilian government

During a meeting with the Sudanese parties, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee, who visited Khartoum this week, stressed the need for PM Abdallah Hamdok to return to the exercise of his duties.

Phee also stressed the need to return to the constitutional order. In her meeting with the Liaison Committee of the Forces of Freedom and Change, on Monday, she indicated the need to release all detainees, adhere to the constitutional document, and democratic transition.

During her meeting with Foreign Minister Maryam El Sadig on Tuesday morning, she expressed US support for the civilian-led transitional government.

The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council Abdelfattah El Burhan affirmed during his meeting with Faye on Tuesday his adherence to the constitutional document, a comprehensive dialogue with all political forces to complete the structures of the transitional authority, and the success of the democratic transition process in the country, leading to free and fair elections in July 2023.

Today's demo in Khartoum (Photo: Mosaab Hassouna)


El Burhan reiterated, according to what was reported by the Sudan News Agency, the unwillingness of the military component to continue in power.

Regarding the political detainees, he said that steps for their release have already begun, and that any detainee who is not proven guilty of a criminal offence will be released.

The opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) however renewed their rejection of the coup measures and the subsequent change of the cabinet, the civil service and the formation of the Sovereignty Council, stressing their quest to bring down the putschists “by all peaceful means”.

On Monday, the FFC Liaison Committee condemned during its meeting with the visiting US Assistant Secretary of State, the detentions and excessive violence against peaceful demonstrators, including killing and robberies, as well as raids of hospitals and the chasing of demonstrators inside neighbourhoods and homes.

The new Sovereignty Council stressed the need to expedite the selection of a Prime Minister for the purpose of forming a government. The Sovereignty Council, according to the council’s Facebook page, in its meeting at the Republican Palace on Tuesday, headed by El Burhan, dealt with the country’s issues and the current situation.

Thousands march in Khartoum today (Photo: Mosaab Hassouna)


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