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UNAMID: support for Kassab and Fatta Barno IDP camps within 24h

August 9 - 2012 KUTUM

Representatives of the Kassab and Fatta Barno camps in North Darfur, revealed on Wednesday that the situation in both camps remains critical and over 70.000 IDPs fled so far. UNAMID promised to provide support to both camps within 24 hours.

The head of the camps' representatives, Ahmed Bishara, demands that Tijani Sese, President of Darfur Regional Authority in Khartoum, provides immediate assistance to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP). Bishara especially requests food and blankets. He describes the IDPs' food security as critical as humanitarian organizations' shops were looted and IDPs lost everything. Sese demands that camps' leaders work to secure the camps and that they participate in resolving the conflict.

Witnesses from Kutum town informed Radio Dabanga that schools and government institutions remain closed. And although some shops and markets are partially open, basic commodities are scarce or lacking and the prices of basic goods rose sharply. Residents added that despite the Sudanese Armed Forces' (SAF) control of the area, civilians still live in fear.

The Head of the Ministry Committee responsible for monitoring and resolving the situation in Kutum town, El Fateh Abdel Aziz Abdel Nabi, said the SAF has full control of the situation. He explained the SAF secured all ways in and out of Kutum as well as the market and living areas. Nabi, who is also the Sudanese Minister of Urban Planning and Deputy Governor of North Darfur, added that the Committee's doors are open to Kutum citizens for inquiries and complaints.

IDPs will not return home

Ibrahim Gambari, head of UNAMID, held a meeting on Thursday in a Kutum secondary school with leaders from the Kassab and Fatta Barno IDP camps. In this meeting, Gambari committed to provide security to both camps within the next 24 hours. Other humanitarian organizations committed to provide food and shelter to IDPs.

Amongst his promises, Gambari said that centers and gates will be placed within 24 hours on Kassab and Fatta Barno. This will control who enters and leaves the camps and prevent that weapons are brought inside the areas. A camp's leader told Radio Dabanga that Gambari made the promises above in front of the 15 camps' representatives present in the meeting.

A camp's leader reported that during the meeting other humanitarian organizations committed to rehabilitate IDPs' homes destroyed by pro-government militia. They will also provide food for the IDPs who fled the camp. The head of UNAMID invited IDPs to return to their homes in Kassab and Fatta Barno.

An IDP leader assured Gambari and the other organizations that they will not return to Kassab and Fatta Barno until the provision of food and security on the ground and the rehabilitation of homes, as promised by them, are implemented.

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