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UN Security Council and Friends of Sudan demand end to coup and release of detainees

October 29 - 2021 KHARTOUM / NEW YORK CITY
UN Security Council meeting room in New York (UN)
UN Security Council meeting room in New York (UN)

As the military takeover in Sudan continues, so has the condemnation of it by the international community. The United Nations Security Council and the Friends of Sudan group each published a statement demanding the restoration of the civilian-led transitional government and the release of all detainees.

In the past days, politicians and organisations worldwide have condemned the coup that took place in Sudan on Monday at dawn when the military seized power, disbanded the transitional sovereignty council, and arrested civilian politicians.

More than 60 Sudanese ambassadors and diplomats have publicly rejected the coup.

Meanwhile, civil disobedience actions and roadblocks continued for the fourth day yesterday in protest of the military coup. Reportedly 11 protesters were killed and 150 others were injured since Monday.

Many activists, politicians, and leaders of civil society organisations have been detained.

UN Security Council

The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted and published a statement that called for the return of a civilian-led transitional government. The council expressed its “serious concern about the military takeover in Sudan”.

The UN Security Council had failed three times in the past few days to adopt a unified statement about the recent events in Sudan before the members decided on a compromised version yesterday.

French news media said that the final statement was decided on after hard negotiations and was eventually drafted by the UK and by Russia, which reportedly intervened to tone down the language used in the statement.

The UN council also called for “the immediate release of all those who have been detained by the military authorities” and stated that it “took note of the reported return of Prime Minister Hamdok to his residence”.

The statement further stressed the importance of human rights, including the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.

'The members of the Security Council called upon Sudan’s military authorities to restore the civilian-led transitional government' 

The statement read that "the members of the Security Council called upon Sudan’s military authorities to restore the civilian-led transitional government on the basis of the Constitutional Document and the Juba Peace Agreement, which underpin Sudan’s democratic transition”.

The members of the Security Council stressed that any attempt to undermine the democratic transition process in Sudan would put at risk the country’s security, stability, and development.

The council further reaffirmed its “strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity and national unity of Sudan”.

Friends of Sudan statement

The Friends of Sudan group* has also strongly condemned the ongoing military takeover of Sudan. The group called for the release of illegally detained officials and for the restoration of transitional arrangements and institutions as stipulated in the constitutional document.

Any attempts by the military to destabilise the civil-military partnership are unacceptable, the group said.

The group further stressed that the actions of the authorities undermine the political, economic, and legal gains made by Sudan and endanger its security, stability, and reintegration into the international community.

The Friends of Sudan also stated that the protests across the country underscored the people's aspirations for democracy, human rights, peace, and prosperity.

* The Friends of Sudan group includes France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Nations.

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