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Two gang-raped in Central Darfur

October 11 - 2015 ZALINGEI
Gunmen entering a Darfuri village (file photo)
Gunmen entering a Darfuri village (file photo)

A woman (35) and a girl (16) were gang-raped in two separate incidents in Central Darfur on Saturday. Two men were assaulted.

Nine armed men wearing uniforms and riding camels ambushed Ali Khater Abakar and Ahmed Ali near Arkom village, one and a half kilometre south of the capital Zalingei, at about 6 pm. They stole their donkey and bicycle, a Hamidiya camp elder told Radio Dabanga.

“After that, those Janjaweed seized a woman in a valley in the same area, and severely beat her until one of her thighs was broken. They then raped her alternately,” he said. “She is currently being treated at Zalingei Hospital.”

The camp elder reported that earlier that day, a 16-year-old girl was raped by three men wearing military uniforms near Tamar village, two kilometres northeast of Zalingei.

“She was on her way from the Hamidiya camp to her farm near Tamar, when they intercepted and raped her,” he reported. “She was taken to Zalingei Hospital for treatment after the incident was reported to the police.”

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