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Sudan Troika calls for inquiry’s ‘urgent solution’ to release findings for June 3 Massacre

2019 Khartoum vigil in front of the army command, following the June 3 Massacre (File Photo: RD)
2019 Khartoum vigil in front of the army command, following the June 3 Massacre (File Photo: RD)

In a statement released by the representatives of the Troika countries (USA, UK, and Norway), they declared their solidarity with survivors and victims of the 2019 June 3 Massacre, where at least 127 protesters were killed in Khartoum during the military’s violent dispersal-campaign. Troika’s statement released on the third anniversary of the massacre, called for the previously civilian-led inquiry to come to an “urgent solution and release their findings to the public”.

They also urged the coup authority to charge those responsible for the heinous crimes committed against the peaceful demonstrators.

The statement called on the coup government to adopt ‘confidence-building measures’ in support of the UNITAMS-AU-IGAD facilitated political process.

Troika asserted that authorities must “strengthen rule of law and respect for human rights”, as well as refraining from “excessive violence against peaceful protesters”.

Third anniversary of the 2019 June 3 Massacre protests

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors reported the death of a twenty-year-old demonstrator in Khartoum during his participation in the commemorations of what has become known as the 2019 June 3 Massacre.

The victim was shot in the chest in El Sahafa in Khartoum according to the doctors committee, said in a press statement later in the evening of June 3.

This brings the total number of people killed during pro-democracy demonstrations in Sudan since the military took full power again in a coup d’état on October 25 last year, to 99.

During the pre-anniversary protests on June 2, at least 20 people were injured, 13 of them by gunshots, in demonstrations calling for the participation in commemorations of the third anniversary of the 2019 June 3 Massacre.

The AU-IGAD-UNITAMS Trilateral Mechanism also condemned the killing of the twenty-year-old protester during the rallies commemorating the third anniversary.

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