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Sudan Doctors: At least 20 injuries in Khartoum pre-anniversary protests

June 3 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Protester holds sign saying 'We will not forget our martyrs' (File Photo: Social media)
Protester holds sign saying 'We will not forget our martyrs' (File Photo: Social media)

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) reported that at least 20 protesters sustained injuries in yesterday’s Khartoum pre-anniversary protests, to commemorate the third anniversary of the 2019 June 3 Massacre, being honoured nationwide today.

The CCSD stated that among the 20 victims, 13 gunshot-related injuries were observed in Khartoum. Three others suffered from head injuries caused by tear gas canisters. Another protester in the body with the barrel of their gun.

The Khartoum processions marking the third anniversary of the 2019 June 3 Massacre were launched alongside a number of state cities, demanding retribution for the victims and  prosecution of the perpetrators.

The families of the victims, as well as various professional and revolutionary bodies, organised a sit-in in Khartoum to condemn the violent dispersal of protesters on June 3 and honour the victims.

Resistance committees in El Gedaref, Port Sudan, Kassala, and other state capitals organised demonstrations and vigils to commemorate the 2019 massacre.  

The AU-IGAD-UNITAMS Trilateral Mechanism released a statement yesterday which called on the military to refrain from “unnecessary use of force against peaceful protestors” at the third anniversary demonstrations of the “violent dispersal” of the 3 June 2019 sit-in, tomorrow.

They called on the authorities to “respect and protect the right to peaceful assembly”, in order to ensure “conducive conditions” for the talks going forward. Also calling on all parties commemorating the event, to “uphold peaceful means”.

The United Nations Expert on Human Rights in Sudan, Adama Dieng, tweeted today about his visit coinciding with the anniversary of the June 3 Massacre, saying that he “stands in solidarity with the victims and their families in their quest for justice”. He also added that he calls on the authorities “to exercise restraint” in response to today’s demonstrations.

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