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Tribes sign peace accord in South Darfur

July 11 - 2018 EL SALAM LOCALITY
Tribal conference in Darfur (file photo)
Tribal conference in Darfur (file photo)

The Governor of South Darfur Adam El Faki has released the detainees of the events that involved Falata and Masalit tribesmen, provided that they are monitored.

At the signing ceremony of reconciliation between the parties at Bulbul Timbisco in El Salam locality, South Darfur, the governor asked the commissioners and officials to provide the names and telephones of the outlaws to arrest them. The governor vowed to arrest the outlaws and those who reject the peace.

The parties have reached a settlement regarding areas where former displaced people would voluntarily return. This agreement has been reached together with other tribes, including the Gimir.

For years, the Falata and Salamat in South Darfur entered into bloody conflicts over water sources and pastures. Hundreds of tribesmen on both sides were killed and thousands of villagers displaced. In the past two years the fighting appears to have subsided.

El Faki announced that there would be a reduction of the 21 localities to ten or six in less than two months.

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