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Tribal meeting to address South Darfur farmers-herders tension

December 6 - 2016 GIREIDA / ABU KARINKA
(file photo)
(file photo)

A tribal reconciliation conference is the only way to address the friction between farmers and herders in South Darfur, according to the commissioner of Gireida locality.

A conference between the Rizeigat and Masalit is planned to take place in Bielel on Saturday 10 December and will discuss the repeated clashes between farmers and herders. Commissioner Hamid Abdallah Hamad told reporters on Monday that the parties have agreed to put an end to the ongoing friction.

Hamad said that both parties have come to the result “that there is no alternative to address the clashes other than through a tribal reconciliation conference”. The conference takes into account all aspects of the conflict in order to develop integrated solutions to all the problems – with broad participation from native administrations.

Meanwhile youths in Abu Karinka, Adila, and Kileikli Abu Salam in East Darfur have denounced the planned visit by Sudan's Second Vice-President to these localities. In a press statement, the Youth Association said it will “resist the visit by all peaceful means”.

Second Vice-President Hassabo Mohamed Abdelrahman plans to visit Abu Karinka and Adila to address the tribal tension in the area. Now the local Youth Association has appealed to the Sudanese government to fulfill its legal oblications towards the rights of tribes. They demand that the East Darfur state moves towards social peace, security, stability and to re-establishment of the rule of law in order to improve opportunities of development.

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