Free eye surgery in Darfur, cancer cases in central Sudan

Free temporary health centres for eye examination have opened their doors in South Darfur. In El Gezira, there have been 2,340 new cancer cases reported this year.

Free temporary health centres for eye examination and surgeries opened their doors in El Wehda locality in South Darfur on Monday. In El Gezira, there have been 2,340 new cancer cases in one hospital this year.

The ophthalmology centres target more than 6,500 people in three localities including El Wehda, Niteaga and Sunta for two weeks in total.

Dr. Munir Ibrahim, the executive director of the state health insurance said that the eye centres are expected to perform surgeries for 480 eye patients, eye examinations to 4,500 beneficiaries, and distribute glasses for 1,500 people.

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute in El Gezira in central Sudan reported that the hospital in Wad Madani has received 2,340 new cases of cancer this year.

The Chairman of the Department of Oncology Institute revealed in a statement that 50,000 patients with cancer have paid a visit to El Zurra hospital in the current and previous years.

He also pointed to a continuous pressure on the hospital in Wad Madani, a result of the stalling of therapeutic devices at El Zarra hospital in Khartoum.

In early September, a survey carried out by the Sudanese Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed a growing number of cancer cases in the country.

El Gezira state in central Sudan reported a rise in cancer cases last year well, most probably resulting from the use of certain pesticides and the way the chemicals are stored and transported.