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Torture of peaceful demonstrators by Sudanese security forces

July 12 - 2012 LONDON

The youth activist Osama Mohamed is at risk of torture by the Sudanese security forces. He was arrested on the 22nd of July after he had recorded a You Tube video which was featured on the website of Al Jazeera English, in which he announced he would take part in the protests planned for 30 June. According to Amnesty International Osama is at risk of torture and ill-treatment.
This is one of many incidents since the protests began on the 16
th of June in which Sudanese security forces arrested scores of peaceful protesters. Sudanese groups monitoring the arrests estimated the number of detainees at 2,000 people. This number is hard to confirm but Amnesty International has received reports which confirm at least 100 people remain in detention in Khartoum alone. These detention centres are known for their ill-treatment of prisoners and the use of torture.

The report of Amnesty International states that among those still detained are Nahid Jabralla, head of the women's and children's rights group SEEMA, arrested on 3 July. US resident Rudwan Daoud, a member of youth movement Girifna (“We’re fed up”) who was arrested on July 3 with his father and broter. Khaled Bahar, an activist with the Haq movement, who has been detained since 20 June; Yassir Fathi, a member of the opposition Umma party, who was arrested on 21 June; and Amira Osman, a member of the Communist party, in detention since 28 June . They are all at risk of torture or other forms of ill-treatment.


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