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Killing and looting in North and South Darfur

July 12 - 2012 NYALA, AL FASHER

Four separate incidents of killing and looting by armed gunmen in North and South Darfur were reported to Radio Dabanga, indicating a deteriorating security situation in Darfur.

North Darfur

Four land cruisers carrying sixty gunmen and a machine-gun looted ten cars in North Darfur.

A passenger told Radio Dabanga the gunmen were from the Historical Leaders movement, a former faction of the SLA who signed a peace agreement with the North Darfur government. The cars were traveling from Tawila to El Fasher when they were stopped close to the city of Bobay Sigilli, 20 km south-west of El Fasher on Thursday. The gunmen demanded all of the passengers to exit their cars and looted their personal belongings.

One of the passengers managed to call the police who arrived with ten cars. The witness explained that the gunmen attempted to flee but the police managed to apprehend four of the men carrying 150 million Sudanese Pounds. They also managed to seize the car with the machine gun.

A pro-government militia killed two people in a separate incident in North Darfur on Wednesday. The victims names are Sheikh Bakhat Ajeb El Doar, aged 80 and Sheikh Abdullah Abbeker Harry, aged 60.

A relative of the dead man told Radio Dabanga that the men on horse- and camelback coming from Abu Delek attacked the village of Sheikh Sharif, east of Sag El Naam. They killed the two men, injured many and ransacked the village and the livestock.

The witness stated it was the tenth attack by an armed militia group in the last two months. He appealed to the state of Sudan and local and regional authorities to bring an end to these violations.

South Darfur

Four gunmen killed a police sergeant in Nyala. Sergeant Osman Hassan Abdullah was shot dead by one of the men while guarding a UNAMID compound housing pilots on Tuesday a witness told Radio Dabanga. The four men fled without looting the building.

In a separate incident a group of gunmen killed a police officer and injured two others in the area of Gusa Gamat in the Salaam Locality 30 km east of Nyala. A relative of the dead man told Radio Dabanga the men came on camelback and attacked the police station on Wednesday evening, killing the commander of the station Musa Gibril. They injured Ishag Abdul Jabor and Bashir Omr who were taken to hospital to recieve medical treatment.

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