Three shot dead by militiamen in Darfur, people demand trials

Members of a paramilitary force kill three men in two incidents in South Darfur on Thursday. In Central Darfur, people demand to take a militia leader and militiamen to trial.

Members of the Rapid Support Forces shot dead two people in Katila locality in South Darfur on Thursday. Another man was killed inside his house in Rahad El Berdi.

Witnesses in Um Bireida area told Radio Dabanga ten members of the paramilitary force, driving in two vehicles, arrived there to buy bricks for the construction of their site. “They were quickly angered by the prices of the bricks, causing tension between them and the merchants.

“One of them opened fire on the brick producers, injuring three of them. Two of the wounded succumbed to their wounds during the day, one of them in the hospital in Nyala.”

In Rahad El Berdi locality, a man was shot dead inside his house in Goz El Haraz, reportedly also by members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The commissioner of the locality, Hamad El Hussein, told the radio station that one of the killers confessed the murder, and has been transferred to Nyala in preparation for his trial.

Policeman, employee attacked by militiamen

A pro-government militia leader attacked an employee working in a health insurance pharmacy in Um Dukhun town, Central Darfur, on Thursday. The victim sustains an injury in his eye, one of his colleagues said.

The incident occurred when Eisa Bashir, the militia leader, was asked by the employee to pay the money for the medicine in Sudanese currency instead of Chadian Francs. “Bashir rebuked my colleague in racially ugly words, before severely beating him and tearing his shirt. The incident was reported to the police, but they took no action against Eisa Bashir.”

The colleague claimed that Bashir has moved from Um Dukhun in two Land Cruisers, mounted with machine guns.

Also in Um Dukhun, pro-government militiamen attacked police corporal El Sadig Omar with machetes in front of his house, in a robbery attempt. They seriously injured him on the head and eye. The police corporal was transferred in critical condition to Nyala for treatment.

Meanwhile, the residents of Um Dukhun demanded the local authorities to arrest militiaman Eisa Bashir and take him to trial, along with the perpetrators who attacked the policeman in front of his house. They reported that they are known to the police.