Protesting students attacked in Sudan’s capital

A new attack by pro-government students against protesting students in a university in Khartoum leads to the injury of one.

A student sustained injuries in a new attack by pro-government students, backed by security forces, in a complex of the University of Sudan on Thursday.

A student at the univeristy told Radio Dabagna that the incident occurred during a sit-in, after a speech by the Darfur Students Association. They spoke out against the university administration’s dismissal of two students from Darfur.

He explained that student members of the ruling National Congress Party assaulted the protesters with “machetes and metal bars, while others carried firearms”. This resulted in the injuring of El Teiyeb Khalil Khalil.

Five Darfuri students were injured in an attack on Wednesday at El Zaeem El Azhari University in Khartoum.

According to the Darfur Students Association, about 815 Darfuri students have been evicted from dormitories in Khartoum and Dongola since attacks against Darfuri students intensified after the death of a senior member of the NCP student wing at Sharg El Nil College in Khartoum on 29 April.