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Three farmers killed, ‘repeated nightly shootings’ in Sudan

August 9 - 2016 HABILA / BURAM
Men carrying weapons in Darfur (file photo)
Men carrying weapons in Darfur (file photo)

Three farmers were shot dead in Habila in South Kordofan on Sunday. Security authorities have started investigations into ‘repeated nightly shootings’ in Buram locality.

In Habila area in South Kordofan, gunmen opened fire and killed three farmers, wounding two others. A relative of one of the deceased reported the incident to Radio Dabanga.

The perpetrators fled after seizing two weapons from the deceased: El Bashir Mohamed Yagoub, Bushra Mohamed Yagoub, and a friend of theirs who the relative was unable to name.

Farmers Abdelaziz Mohamed Yagoub and El Nazir Mohamad Yagoub have been taken to the hospital in El Obeid.


On Monday, residents of Buram in South Darfur complained about the repeated shootings on houses, carried out at night by unknown assailants. The most recent shooting was on Sunday night, when gunmen fired at the house of Abashar Ali Goma.

Security authorities have begun investigations into these incidents and held Goma and another victim, Abdelnabi Ali Abulgasim, and their wives in custody in an attempt to preserve their lives. A witness said that the security authorities have arrested two suspects.

A listener told Radio Dabanga from Buram that the house of Ali Goma, who works in the finance sector, “has been targeted three times”. “The latest attack led to the burning of a kitchen in the early hours of Sunday morning.”

“Repetition of such incidents have caused panic among the residents,” the listener explained.

The listener added that the house of Abdelnabi Ali Abulgasim, who works in Buram's land administration, has also been targeted three times in two months. The house of Buram hospital laboratory director was also hit once.

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