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A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan’s highlights of the news from Darfur and Sudan

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan's highlights of the news from Darfur and Sudan


Renewed tribal clashes in East Darfur leave 49 dead

July 25 – 2017 ADILA / ABU KARINKA At least 49 people were killed and 29 wounded in new fighting between Rizeigat and Ma'aliya in East Darfur on Friday and Saturday. The clashes that broke out in El Badia in the area of El Mejlid, east of Muhajiriya, on Friday, were triggered by charges of cattle theft. Tension remains in Adila and Abu Karinka localities and crowds of Ma’aliya and Rizeigat fighters “stand ready to fight”, while bodies are still lying at the scene of the fighting.
There is currently no fighting between the two sides, Omda Mohamed Bashar of the Ma’aliya tribe said on Tuesday. An activist from Ed Daein confirmed this. The security force of the East Darfur government and the local administration moved to the scene on Monday. Bashar: “There are crowds ready to fight from both sides in all the villages of Adila and Abu Karinka localities.”
The clashes broke out in El Badia in the area of El Mejlid, east of Muhajiriya, and there are conflicting reports regarding the exact cause. All witnesses complained about the silence of the authorities to defuse the clashes.

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Stranded Darfuri students forced to leave Khartoum

July 25 – 2017 EL FASHER / KHARTOUM Under pressure from the Sudanese security apparatus, more than 1,000 Darfuri students who were stranded in a village nearby Khartoum for three days have been transported to Darfur in buses. Last week the security apparatus had blocked the university students from entering the capital, after they resigned – en masse – in protest against the expulsion of fellow students at Bakht El Rida University in White Nile state.

The students who arrived in El Fasher on Sunday and Monday were stopped again at the entrance to the North Darfur capital, for their “intentions to destabilise the city”, according to commissioners of North Darfur, the head of the security apparatus, and army and police commanders.

“They came to us and claimed we had these intentions,” one of the former students told Radio Dabanga. They were refused permission to stay overnight in the city, so many students took the offer of the Commissioner to continue their journey to their home states in other buses.

Last week the Sudanese Congress Party, civil society initiatives and locals visited the more than 1,000 stranded students in a village south of Khartoum, and residents delivered food, until they were ordered by the security service not to feed the students anymore. Amnesty International released an appeal to the Government of Sudan and the security service to stop the blockade against the students, and ensure their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

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US calls for accountability in Darfur’s Jebel Marra

July 25 – 2017 KHARTOUM The US Embassy in Khartoum has voiced its “concern about the alarming malnutrition rates and deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Jebel Marra region…

Protestor dies in Khartoum state land rights riot

July 25 – 2017 KHARTOUM / HAYA A man was run-over by a police car, and ten others were injured in clashes between police and people in the northern countryside of Khartoum state…

‘Disarmament in Darfur will start this year’: Sudan V-P

July 24 – 2017 DARFUR The second vice-president of Sudan has announced the collection of weapons in Darfur and the reorganisation of the country’s armed forces before the end of this year…

Herders attack South Darfur farmers, kill five

July 24 – 2017 NYALA Militant herders shot five South Darfur displaced farmers dead and wounded nine others south-east of the South Darfur capital of Nyala on Saturday. Two women…

Juba blocks access to Radio Tamazuj, Sudan Tribune

July 23 – 2017 JUBA The South Sudanese government has ordered service provider, the Zain Telecommunications Group, to bar access to the websites of Radio Tamazuj, Sudan Tribune, and…

‘Khartoum is creating an illusion of stability’: Sudanese think tank

July 23 – 2017 KAMPALA According to a new report by the Sudan Democracy First Group, the ruling National Congress Party and its international supporters are working hard to obscure the…

WHO supports cholera treatment centre in South Darfur

July 21 – 2017 NYALA / MURNEI / KADUGLI / JUBA The World Health Organization is supporting a cholera treatment centre in Nyala city, a United Nations office reported. Two people died from…

Darfuri students ‘systematically targeted’ across Sudan

July 20 – 2017 OMDURMAN The grievances of the Darfuri students at the University of Bakht El Rida highlight an ongoing problem for Darfuri students at universities across Sudan, according to…

Weak Sudanese Pound impacts market commodity prices

July 19 – 2017 EL GEDAREF Commodity prices in Sudan’s El Gedaref have reportedly risen in an unprecedented manner after the Sudanese Pound fell sharply against the US Dollar following the…

Cholera now in 12 states of Sudan

July 19 – 2017 SUDAN On Monday in Khartoum the Health Minister Bahar Idris Abugarda announced the spread of ‘watery diarrhoea’ in 12 states and confirmed the death of four people…


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