♦ This week’s news in brief ♦

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan’s highlights of the news from Darfur and Sudan

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan's highlights of the news from Darfur and Sudan


♦ NISS delays distribution of El Jareeda newspaper again

July 24 – 2018 KHARTOUM For the second day in a row, agents of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) affected the print runs of El Jareeda with their tactic to delay newspaper distributions.

El Jareeda was not allowed to appear on Monday morning, similar to the confiscation of the newspaper on Sunday morning. Also El Sayha newspaper was confiscated yesterday. The NISS agents have given no explanation to the editors of the newspapers.

The NISS held onto the confiscated copies until 8am. This means that the print-runs were released too late for distribution to Khartoum and other Sudanese cities. The NISS has executed this new tactic in the past weeks, to keep a tight rein on the press. Newspapers distributed later in the morning are also at risk of not being bought anymore.

El Jareeda Editor-in-Chief Ashraf Abdelaziz told Radio Dabanga that the losses of his newspaper have amounted to SDG200,000*($7,105). On Sunday he explained that he alleges the reason for the confiscation to be a report about the authorities’ preventing the editor-in-chief of El Masadir newspaper from attending a meeting between the Egyptian President Abdelfattah El Sisi and President Omar Al Bashir in Khartoum.

Media in Sudan are constantly subjected to attacks on press freedom. The country is ranked at the bottom of the World Press Freedom Index by the global monitoring institution Reporters Sans Frontières.

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Torrential rains make victims in Kassala towns

July 24 – 2018 KASSALA Torrential rains followed by have swept through several parts of the town of Kassala in Sudan, causing hundreds of houses to collapse.

Residents of Kassala told Radio Dabanga that a flood swept through the districts Makram, El Ingaz and parts of northern Halanga and new Khatmiyah on Sunday. They said that the rain had lasted for five hours, causing considerable damage.

“A large number of the residents are living in the open after the collapse of their houses,” a resident said. They attributed the great damage of the floods to the non-expansion of water outlets in these parts of town.

The level of El Gash River has risen significantly, threatening several villages and towns along the banks. Villagers here have expressed concern over the flooding of El Gash towards Dukin, Mukli, and Aroma.

The Humanitarian Aid Commission in Kassala has appealed to relief organisations to act and help the people affected by the floods and torrential rains.

Recently the national parliament decided to extend the State of Emergency in Kassala with another six months, in order to combat the frequent smuggling of human beings and goods. This happened despite calls against the decision by opposition parties.


More news from Radio Dabanga:

“80 children” released from traffickers in Khartoum

July 24 – 2018 KHARTOUM / KASSALA Authorities in Khartoum have freed 80 children from a container that was ready to be trafficked across the border. An official in the Public Prosecutor's Office…

Five die of ‘watery diarrhoea’ in West Kordofan

July 23 – 2018 ABU ZABAD Five people died and six others were reportedly infected with Watery Diarrhoea in West Kordofan this month.A medical volunteer reported that the first case was recorded…

Repeated attacks on farmers in Mukjar, South Darfur

July 23 – 2018 MUKJAR Since last week, militiamen are assaulting farmers in several parts of Central Darfur’s Mukjar locality.Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a victim reported that the gunmen attacked…

New cases of measles in eastern Sudan’s Suakin

July 23 – 2018 SUAKIN Five new cases of measles were recorded among children in Suakin locality in Red Sea state last week.“This brings the total number of infections to 475 cases since…

Darfur rebels ambush govt. convoy in Jebel Marra

July 22 – 2018 JEBEL MARRA The Sudan Liberation Movement under the leadership of Abdelwahid El Nur (SLM-AW) claims its combatants attacked a convoy of army troops and members of the…

Sudan, Egypt to boost economic cooperation

July 22 – 2018 KHARTOUM Egyptian President Abdelfattah Al Sisi left Khartoum on Friday, after his first visit to Sudan since his recent election for a second term.Al Sisi arrived on Thursday…

New US Dollar rate nearly hits 50 Sudan Pounds

July 20 – 2018 KHARTOUM The US Dollar exchange price rose again and now amounts to 46 Sudan Pound in the parallel markets of Khartoum, from 44 Pound on July 11. Hamid Eltgani, professor at…

Musa Hilal’s son joins militia leader in Khartoum trial

July 20 – 2018 KHARTOUM The security service arrested another son of the detained, notorious janjaweed leader sheikh Musa Hilal this week and put him on trial together with hundreds of other detainees…

Gedaref farmers struck by shortage of fuel

July 20 – 2018 EL GEDAREF / KADUGLI El Gedaref farmers repeated their warnings for the failure of the seasonal cultivation. Kadugli has witnessed a complete lack of electricity in the past days…

Sudan government to cease cash payment by end 2018

July 19 – 2018 KHARTOUM The government of Sudan has reiterated its commitment to end cash payment for government services by the end of 2018. All such payments will be made electronically…

Sudan opposition leader meets British Foreign Office in London

July 18 – 2018 LONDON El Sadig El Mahdi, head of the major Sudanese opposition National Umma Party and the Sudan Call, has met with Minister of State at the British Foreign Office, Harriett…



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