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July 18 - 2018 DABANGA SUDAN

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan's highlights of the news from Darfur and Sudan


Unamid strength halved amid calls for more protection of returnees

July 17 - 2018 KHARTOUM / ZALINGEI / NEW YORK The Security Council has decided to reduce the number of peacekeepers in Darfur amid calls for increased protection of voluntary returnees. Days later, Sudan’s Second Vice-President instructed the ministry of defence to take part in the protection of displaced people returning home.
The Kassab camp leader in North Darfur cautiously welcomed the presidential directive. ““The government’s decision should not be merely a slogan and political consumption. There were dozens of returning displaced people from Kutum locality who recently returned to their villages of origin. They were beaten or shot, which forced them to return to the camps.” He demanded that Unamid, the joint peacekeeping mission of the African Union and United Nations, would monitor the voluntary return.
The Security Council on Friday reduced the number of Unamid troops deployed in the field with an eye towards the mission's eventual exit. Troop strength will be cut from the current 8,735 to 4,050 personnel, while maintaining its police strength at the current level of 2,500 personnel, for the new mandate period until June next year. The decision was unanimous as 15 Council members determined that although the security situation has improved in Darfur, the long-running conflict there remains a threat to international peace and stability.

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'Watery diarrhoea' reported in Sudan's Red Sea state

July 11 - 2018 DURDEIB The hospital of Durdaib in Sudan’s Red Sea state recorded eight cases of acute watery diarrhoea – which is often caused by cholera infection – following intense rains in the area on Tuesday.

Activists reported to Radio Dabanga: “The town is witnessing severe environmental deterioration after the rainfall” and pointed to the widespread spread of flies and pollution of water sources. In addition, they pointed out to the deterioration of the environment of the hospital of Durdeib, which is lacking most of the basic health services.

As previously reported by Radio Dabanga, six cases of acute watery diarrhoea were admitted to Ed Damazin Hospital in Sudan’s Blue Nile State last month. Sudan experienced an epidemic from 2016 until mid-2017, which the Sudanese government insists on calling ‘watery diarrhoea’. The rains have also seen an increase in cases suspected to be the mosquito-borne haemorrhagic (severe dengue) fever admitted to Port Sudan hospital.


More news from Radio Dabanga:

Khartoum witnesses new bread price hikes

July 17 - 2018 KHARTOUM The shortage of fuel and ongoing power outages have led to an increase in bread prices in Khartoum. People now buy three breads for five Pounds ($0.17) from bakeries...

Trial against eight Darfuri students adjourned

July 17 - 2018 KHARTOUM BAHRI On Monday the trial against eight students from Darfur began in the court in Khartoum Bahri. They were arrested in September 2017 for organising a mass speech...

Camel herders shoot farmers in North Darfur

July 16 - 2018 TAWILA Two farmers were wounded in a herders’ attack on their farm in Tawila locality in North Darfur on Sunday.Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a farmer reported that three herders...

Repeated militia assaults in Central Darfur’s Nierteti

July 16 - 2018 TURR People living in the area of Turr in Central Darfur’s Nierteti locality are suffering from militia attacks for more than a week.An activist reported to Radio Dabanga from Turr, that...

Sudan needs comprehensive political reforms: Financial analyst

July 15 - 2018 KHARTOUM The chronic economic problems Sudan is facing are the result of an unclear political vision to tackle them, says former banker and civil society activist Ismail Mohamed...

Three children killed by torrential rainfall in North Darfur

July 13 - 2018 TABIT Three children died and another child was injured in torrential rainfalls in Tabit, North Darfur, this week. Mohamed Ibrahim Salah (7 years), Shadia Yousef Salah (8 years) and Maryam...

Prosecution withdraws complaint against Darfuri sheikh

July 13 - 2018 KHARTOUM BAHRI The State Security Prosecution has withdrawn the complaint against Sheikh Matar Younis and Adam Haroun, and has postponed the trial planned for yesterday to...


Sudan’s Al Bashir bound for FIFA World Cup final in Moscow

July 12 - 2018 KHARTOUM / MOSCOW Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir will travel to Moscow on Friday at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bashir will hold talks with Putin and ...


Darfur agricultural season ‘catastrophic failure’

July 12 - 2018 DARFUR Displaced people in Darfur have warned for the failure of the current agricultural season in the region because of the high cost of preparation. Hussein Abusharati, the spokesman for...

Sudanese detainees in Libya on hunger strike

July 12 - 2018 TRIPOLI At least 1,500 Sudanese imprisoned in the Tajoura prison, east of the Libyan capital of Tripoli, have entered into a hunger strike since Friday in protest against their continued...

Tribes sign peace accord in South Darfur

July 11 - 2018 EL SALAM LOCALITY The Governor of South Darfur Adam El Faki has released the detainees of the events that involved Falata and Masalit tribesmen, provided that they are ...


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