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Tear gas attack at Sudan concert: Police suspect extremists

February 1 - 2017 NEW HALFA
Nada El Galaa (Photo: Facebook)
Nada El Galaa (Photo: Facebook)

Sudanese police suspect Islamic extremists of carrying out an attack with two tear gas canisters at a concert in New Halfa in Kassala state.

The attack occurred at El Wataniya cinema in New Halfa market during a concert by popular singer Nada El Galaa.

In an interview with El Mustagilla newspaper, Nada El Galaa explained that while she was performing her fourth song, she felt a thick smoke spreading among the audience which turned out to be tear gas.

She said that the police forces intervened and provided protection for her, her band and the audience.

Without mentioning any specific entity, she said “some people intending to cause a schism between me and the religious communities”.

Before the concert, Islamist militant groups from New Halfa demanded its cancellation, toured through the city market with loudspeakers, and issued fatwas prohibiting her singing.

Witnesses said a vehicle carrying bearded men came near to the cinema which was hosting the concert; two men got out and threw tear gas on the attendees in an incident considered to be the first of its kind in Sudan.

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