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Teacher murdered in South Darfur village attack

June 6 - 2018 GIREIDA
A gunman in Darfur (file photo)
A gunman in Darfur (file photo)

On Monday night, basic school teacher Yagoub Ibrahim was killed and two others went missing in a shooting by gunmen at Edeltigil village, 15 kilometres west of Gireida in South Darfur.

A relative of the deceased told Radio Dabanga that 10 militia members on horses opened fire on a number of displaced people of Gireida who returned to Edeltigil village for farming purposes.

Ibrahim died at the scene while Mohamed Siyam and Ali Adam were missing and were not found until Tuesday night.

He explained that the incident was reported at Gireida police station, which has not moved to track down the perpetrators.

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