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Sudanese Kanabi Association holds governor accountable for demolition of village

April 30 - 2018 WAD MADANI
Demolition of Kombo Aftas village in El Gezira, April 25, 2018 (RD)
Demolition of Kombo Aftas village in El Gezira, April 25, 2018 (RD)

The Kanabi Association of seasonal labourers are holding the governor of El Gezira accountable for the displacement of the inhabitants of Kombo Aftas village.

Last week, a large police force using excessive force and tear gas, destroyed large parts of Kombo Aftas, a village in Hasahisa locality inhabited by seasonal labourers and small farmers.

Jaafar Mohamed, secretary-general of the Kanabi Association, described the incident to Radio Dabanga as “a clear indicator of corruption in the land sector”, and pointed to previously attempts by the authorities to demolish other villages in the area.

In a statement on Sunday, the Kanabi Association said they hold “the governor of El Gezira state, and his government responsible for cooperating with the police, the security apparatus, the corrupt, and the land investors to displace the inhabitants of Kombo Aftas without offering an alternative”.

The association further called for a solution for the people of Kombo Aftas “who are currently living in the open” and urged humanitarian organisations to provide urgent aid to the displaced villagers – who should be compensated for their losses as well.

On Wednesday, the El Gezira authorities bulldozed and burned 20 houses in Kombo Aftas and all its contents, including 40 (100kg) sacks of sorghum, 67 sacks of beans, and 50 sacks of groundnuts.

Some women and children who sustained burns, have been treated in hospitals. Of the seven protesting villagers who were detained by the police, some were released, others remain in custody, the statement said.

Members of El Gezira and El Managil Agricultural Scheme have condemned the destruction of the village as well.

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