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Sudan uprising: Vigils, protests, in run-up to April 6 mass action

April 3 - 2019 SUDAN
Sudan uprising poster for April 6 demonstrations (SPLM-N)
Sudan uprising poster for April 6 demonstrations (SPLM-N)

Yesterday, Abu Adam district in Khartoum and El Kadaro in Khartoum North witnessed spontaneous demonstrations in the morning demanding the overthrow of the regime, four days ahead of the mass protest marches planned thought the country and abroad for April 6.

The largest marches so far planned for April 6, called by the forces that signed the  Declaration of Freedom and Change, plan to confront the Sudan Armed Forces in all 18 states in the country. Demonstrations are also planned for cities across the world.


Doctors organised a protest vigil in front of Kassala Hospital in eastern Sudan on Tuesday, raising banners demanding the overthrow of the regime and the immediate removal of Al Bashir from the country’s rule.

Security forces arrested three prominent activists from Zalingei market in Central Darfur on Friday.

One of the relatives of the detainees told Radio Dabanga that the arrest was in anticipation of the demonstrations on Saturday April 6 demanding the regime’s removal throughout Sudan.

He said that the detainees were Tajeldin Ibrahim, an accountant at the state Ministry of Finance, Muhammad Ismail, a clerk at the Court of Appeal of Zalingei, and Mohamed Wedidi, an employee at the Ministry of Health. They have not been released so far.

The head of the Umma United Party, Babikir Digna, announced the dissolution of the partnership with the ruling National Congress Party and the withdrawal of the sole representative of the party the Minister of Education in the Government of Kassala.

On Monday, Digna told reporters that the leadership office in its full membership agreed to dissolve the partnership, withdraw from the executive apparatus and retain participation in the legislature.

He pointed out that the party have entered into a coordination partnership with the National Umma Party (NUP).

National Umma Party

The NUP called for the use of the April 6 marches to deliver a message to the army to play its role in the protection of the people and their gains by bias towards popular demand as had happened in the April uprising of 1985, which ended the totalitarian regime of Gen Jaafar Numeiri.

The NUP, led by El Sadig El Mahdi, said that "participating in this march is a must for our masses in particular and for all Sudanese people’s sectors in general".

The party said in a statement on Tuesday that what is required now to complete the fulfilment of the requirements of the revolution in the engineering of what El Mahdi called the unity of the opposition and the development of the Declaration of Freedom and Change to build a broad front that achieves the critical mass.

The NUP rejected any attempts to re-produce the regime, whether by militarisation of power or through political, media or other campaigns

In its statement, the party called for continued confidence in dealing with the political revolution, in accordance with the political charter, the transitional constitution and alternative policies, while continuing on its field paths with a variety of marches, sit-ins, protest vigils, general strikes and the peacefulness of the revolution.

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