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Sudan uprising: Public protests enter fifth week

Mass Protest in Omdurman this week
Mass Protest in Omdurman this week

On Friday, angry demonstrations were launched for the fifth consecutive week in Khartoum, West Kordofan, the Northern State, El Gedaref, and Sennar, condemning the killings, torture, arrests, beatings, humiliation and house raids by the security services, police and others dressed in civilian clothes carrying sticks and pistols driving vehicles without licence plates.

After Friday prayers, thousands of people took to the streets in 15 districts in greater Khartoum in peaceful demonstrations demanding Al Bashir and his regime to immediately step down from power.

Demonstrators in Tuti, Burri, Doha, El Ushara, Imtidad El Daraja El Talta, Soba West, El Sahafa, and Jabra in Khartoum, went out chanting slogans of freedom, justice and peace and closed a number of major roads in Khartoum.

In Khartoum North, hundreds of angry demonstrators in Kafouri, El Samarab, El Doroshab, Um Dureiwa, and El Jereif Shereg set fire to cars in the main roads.

Residents of Wad Nubawi, El Salha and Ombadda in Omdurman demonstrated demanding the immediate step-down of the regime, where after Friday prayers hundreds of people chanted against the abuse and denounced the storming of houses.

Ombadda El Sabil, and El Muhandisin also witnessed mass demonstrations, before the security services dispersed them by firing tear gas.

West Kordofan

Demonstrations in El Nahud in West Kordofan were launched from the Grand Mosque and the Ansar Mosque demanding freedom, justice and peace and step- down of Al Bashir and his regime from power.

The security services intervened using live bullets, sticks and batons and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators and arrested a number of them.


After Friday prayer, a demonstration moved from the Grand Mosque of El Dindir in Sennar state, which was joined by large crowds of western districts including women who marched on El Hurriya Street shouting the overthrow the regime.

Witnesses said that a force of the security services, confronted the demonstrators and dispersed them using tear gas and sticks.

El Gedaref

The residents of El Gedaref state gathered in the grand market after Friday prayers chanting the regime's fall before the security services intervened using sticks and batons to disperse the demonstrators.

A demonstration was launched from the village of Jaddi to other villages near Kajbar in the Northern State passing through the villages around Kajbar, condemning the killing of the peaceful protestors.

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