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Angry mourners smash police vehicle in Sudan capital

January 20 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Muawia Khalil who died on Friday (RD WhatsApp)
Muawia Khalil who died on Friday (RD WhatsApp)

An angry demonstration broke out on Friday in Burri district in Khartoum after the death of 60-year-old Muawia Khalil of his wounds after the security forces shot him in his home on Thursday.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the angry demonstrators smashed a police vehicle when one of the soldiers fired a shot into the air in front of the house of Khalil to disperse the mourners - as can be seen in this video circulating on Facebook. Following the burial of Khalil's body, demonstrations continued in various parts of Burri El Dareisa.

In a statement of the Central Sudanese Doctors’ Committee received by Radio Dabanga on Friday, it is reported that Khalil was shot in his house where he was giving medical treatment to demonstrators when the security forces attempted to storm inside. Khalil went outside to explain that he is a doctor upon which they shot him.

Reuters reported that the next day, Sudanese police shot live ammunition as mourners gathered outside the home of the 60-year-old man. Before police opened fire, some mourners had pelted police nearby with rocks and damaged a police car as can be seen in this video circulating on Facebook. The clashes had calmed by the time protesters transported the body of Khalil to Burri Mosque.

Funeral of Dr Babikir Abdelhamid

On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered in front of the house of Dr Babikir Abdelhamid in Kafouri who was shot dead while he was treating wounded demonstrators in Burri on Thursday.

Witnesses said that a large number of doctors in their medical coats participated in the sit-in protest in front of the house of the martyr.

The participants in the funeral chanted slogans calling for the overthrow of the regime and the punishment of the killers.

The sit-in was addressed by representative of the Central Sudanese Doctors’ Committee and the Medical Union, expressing their full commitment to the punishment of all the killers.

The protesters carried banners reading "no for killing" and "just fall".

Huge crowds participated in the funeral of Dr Abdelhamid chanting slogans in the path to the graves demanding the overthrow of the regime.

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