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Sudan uprising: Public backlash against State of Emergency

(file photo)
(file photo)

Thousands demonstrate in Sudanese cities calling for President Omar Al Bashir to ‘just fall, that’s all’ following the declaration of a State of Emergency and reshuffles in government.

Yesterday, thousands of Sudanese people protested in Khartoum state against the government's declaration of a State of Emergency. In addition, the marches were held to show discontent over placement of military personnel as heads of state and ousting of the vice-president and prime minister from government.

The demonstrations, now in their third month, centred around demands for President Omar Al Bashir and his regime to step down from power. This followed the declaration of a State of Emergency in Sudan made by Al Bashir the previous evening. Later on Saturday, Al Bashir appointed military rulers to the country’s 18 states and ousted First Vice-President Bakri Hasan Saleh and Prime Minister Motaz Mousa. The vice-president was replaced by Defence Minister Lt Gen Awad Bin Auf, the prime minister by Mohamed Tahir Eila.

The centre of Omdurman witnessed a mass demonstration with cries for freedom, peace, and justice. Security forces used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse demonstrators, causing injuries. Troops also raided homes and arrested people. 

According to a statement issued by the Sudanese Central Doctors' Committee, three people in Omdurman were injured by live fire. In the short statement made on Sunday, they said one person was shot in the head, another in the hand, and the third in the arm.

The areas of Azozab, Doroshab, Samarab, Hamadab, and Shambat in Khartoum North, and Kalakla and Burri in Khartoum, and Ombadda in Omdurman saw similar demonstrations calling for the overthrow of the regime and Al Bashir.

On Saturday morning, a convoy of military vehicles carrying soldiers and other security forces patrolled the capital, Khartoum. Videos emerged on social media of students being forced to leave University of Medicine and Technology in Khartoum. One video shows students being beaten by security forces.

El Gezira

Yesterday, Wad Madani, capital of El Gezira state, witnessed mass demonstrations denouncing the regime's policies. Demonstrators set fire to tires in the streets and chanted slogans calling for freedom and the overthrow of the regime.

El Gedaref

In eastern Sudan, military forces patrolled El Gedaref on Saturday. Residents said the city saw military vehicles including the armed forces, paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, and police forces patrolling the city's main streets on Saturday.

Doctors strike

The Doctors Information Office released a statement detailing the storming of Khartoum Doctors Residence on Saturday. According to the statement, security forces beat doctors and detained them. In their statement, doctors renewed their commitment to strike from non-emergency cases and confirmed their complete withdrawal from state hospitals. 

They called on all medics to gather in emergency sections, in coordination with demonstrations, to treat the injured and to work in the streets until freedom and justice are achieved.

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