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Sudan uprising: One dead as security force attacks South Darfur protest

May 6 - 2019 NYALA
Darfuri protesters arrive in Khartoum on May 30 to join the sit-in in front of the Command of the Sudanese army in the city (RD file photo)
Darfuri protesters arrive in Khartoum on May 30 to join the sit-in in front of the Command of the Sudanese army in the city (RD file photo)

A 17-year-old youth was shot dead in the capital of South Darfur on Saturday, when a joint security force attacked peaceful protesters in front of the army garrison in the city.

In a statement on Sunday, the Darfur Bar Association (DBA) reported the death of Saad Mohamed Ahmed. He was hit by a bullet in his abdomen, when security forces “violently dispersed” the sit-in in Nyala on Saturday”.

The Central Sudanese Doctors Committee has confirmed the death.

On Saturday morning, a large group of people living in Otash camp for the displaced, decided to march to the unit of the 16 Infantry Division in Nyala, in support of the sit-in set-up three days before, demanding a civilian government.

A joint security force of army, police and security troops “used excessive violence to break up the demonstration and the sit-in. They shot with live bullets, used tear gas, and batons and bayonets against the protesters,” the DBA stated.

“More than 20 people were wounded, 10 of them by bullets. Three of them are in serious condition. A young woman sustained serious stab wounds to her leg.”

The security troops “pursued the peaceful protesters into the alleys of the city market and into the wards of the Hospital of Nyala”.

The DBA further reported that “a force wearing police and army uniforms, suspected of belonging to the Popular Security militia, stormed to the hospital and attacked the protesters inside”.

The acting governor of South Darfur, Maj Gen Hashim Mahmoud, told reporters in the state capital no people will be allowed to protest in front of the army unit again. He stressed that the protesters have the right to choose any other place for the sit-in.


On Sunday, Nyala witnessed a large deployment of paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the vicinity of the market and the military garrison – which sparked tension among the people in the neighbourhood.

An activist told Radio Dabanga that RSF militiamen were stationed at all the entrances of Nyala market and the military garrison, and prevented public transport and private vehicles from entering the market area. Passers-by were subjected to scrutinous searches.

The forces of Freedom and Change held a press conference in Nyala on Sunday. They said they requested a meeting with the acting governor on Sunday, but this was denied.

They called on the Sudanese to support the sit-ins in various places in the country, and protest against “the practices of the regime in its new version, its security apparatus and militias and condemn their attacks on peaceful protesters in Nyala and Zalingei”.

On May 2, two people were wounded in an attempt by RSF militiamen and members of the security apparatus to break the sit-in in front of the 21st Infantry unit in Zalingei, capital of Central Darfur.


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