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Sudan uprising: Dozens of simultaneous protests organised throughout the country

January 25 - 2019 SUDAN
Protest in El Gedaref in January (RD)
Protest in El Gedaref in January (RD)

An unprecedented number of demonstrations and marches took place simultaneously throughout the country on Thursday.

Reports to Radio Dabanga indicated that more than 50 demonstrations took place in various places in Sudan. The protests came in response to a call by the signatories of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, and also in response to comments which were made by the director of the Sudanese security apparatus. NISS Director Salah Abdallah 'Gosh' had made public claims that the protest movement cannot run more than two marches at one time.

The Declaration of Freedom and Change was signed in Khartoum on January 1 by the Sudanese opposition forces, represented by the Sudan Call, the National Consensus Forces (NCF), the Unionist Association, and the recently established Sudanese Professionals Association.

The majority of demonstrations yesterday started at around 1pm. People chanted slogans demanding the immediate departure of President Omar Al Bashir and his regime to step-down, in Khartoum and towns in El Gezira, El Gedaref, Sennar, Red Sea, Northern State, and River Nile.

The security forces intervened with heavy use of violence to disperse the demonstrators, using batons, electric wires, and tear gas, causing injuries. Nevertheless demonstrations continued until late on Thursday.


Yesterday, protests took place in more than 20 districts in the capital city, with the participation of thousands of people according to witness reports. They continued in several districts until the night, while vehicles of the security forces and police – which were stationed alongside the roads leading to the market and the Presidential Palace – blocked the marches.


Red Sea

In Red Sea state, thousands of people in Port Sudan took part in a demonstration that lasted for hours. Witnesses said security forces were absent, while policemen and army forces were stationed on main roads and government institutions.

Witnesses attributed the disappearance of the security forces to clashes between the army and security forces on Wednesday evening, which allegedly resulted in the death of a member of the security forces, and the injury of troops from both sides.

El Gezira

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in towns and villages in El Gezira state, chanting “Freedom, peace, justice” and “The people want the fall of the regime”.

Doctors of El Hasahisa Hospital also carried out a peaceful stand in front of the hospital, condemning the killing of protesters and demanding Al Bashir and his regime to step down from ruling Sudan.

Northern State

Hundreds of residents in Abri took part in a peaceful mass demonstration that lasted for more than three hours, in the midst of the complete absence of the security forces and the police.

One of the demonstrators told Radio Dabanga that they crossed the market of Abri, headed towards the Abri locality offices, and then reached the Halfa-Dongola highway.

“Protesters accompanied a student at the University of Khartoum, who is known as El Masri, who lost his hand during a demonstration in December.

During his address to the demonstrators, El Masri expressed his willingness to sacrifice “everything precious” for his homeland,” according to the demonstrator.

El Gedaref

In El Gedaref state, demonstrations took place in which hundreds of people participated, despite the security forces' earlier campaign of arrests among activists, in an attempt to decrease their numbers. The demonstrations started with two marches, one coming from the vegetable market and the second coming from Deim Bakr.

Demonstrators reported to this station that the security service officers fired tear gas at the demonstrators, and there were back-and-forth confrontations between the demonstrators and the officers. The people were able to march into the various districts and continue their protest, however.

Throughout Sudan, the momentum for the Sudanese uprising has been maintained over the past week. Exactly one week ago, protests in Burri in Khartoum on Thursday resulted in the killing of three people at the hands of security forces, including a student who later succumbed to his wounds. The other two victims were doctor Babikir Abdelhamid and Muawia Khalil. Both were attacked while treating injured protesters.

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