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A compact digest of the past week’s most-read highlights, from the heart of Sudan.

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Russia ‘looting’ Sudan’s gold reserves, Sudanese call for protests

July 31 – 2022 DABANGA SUDAN CNN published an investigation that had been seven months in the making disclosing how “Russia is plundering gold in Sudan to boost Putin's war effort in Ukraine” with the complicity of Sudanese military rulers. Following the publication, some Sudanese have called for new marches of the millions to protest against Russia’s looting of gold.

Interviews with high-level Sudanese and US officials suggest the existence of ‘an elaborate Russian scheme’ to plunder Sudan’s gold reserves to strengthen Russian wealth in the face of Western sanctions. “The evidence also suggests that Russia has colluded with Sudan's beleaguered military leadership, enabling billions of dollars in gold to bypass the Sudanese state and to deprive the poverty-stricken country of hundreds of millions in state revenue”. Voices that criticise the exploitation, including the journalists working on this investigation,  have been heavily repressed.

Angry workers close Sudan’s second largest sea port

July 29 – 2022 SUAKIN The harbour of Suakin, the second largest sea port of Sudan, remained closed for the fourth consecutive day in a row following a dispute between old port workers and those who have been recently appointed. Journalist Amin Senada told Radio Dabanga from the Red Sea state capital of Port Sudan that newly appointed port workers blocked access to the port of Suakin on Monday to protest the hostile position against them held by the older workers.

The staff that has been deployed years ago rejected a decision by former governor Ali Abdallah Adarob to appoint 190 new port workers. They claim that the Suakin Port does not need extra workers. Moreover, the selection of workers was made on a tribal basis. The journalist warned that this decision may lead to more tribal strife in Red Sea state.

New campaign to expose Sudan junta's violations as over 100 protesters are injured
August 2 – 2022 KHARTOUM / OMDURMAN A new campaign was launched on Sunday to expose human rights violations by the military junta against pro-democracy protests as more than 100 people were injured in the July 31 Marches of the Millions.
FFC-CC draws new constitutional charter amidst criticism
August 2 – 2022 KHARTOUM The mainstream faction of the Forces of Freedom and Change, the FFC- Central Council, has drawn up a draft of a new constitutional charter. After repeated criticism, they stressed their rejection of any agreement with the military and expressed their desire to consult with Resistance Committees.
Beja nazirs withdraw Eastern Sudan track from govt committee
August 1 – 2022 KASSALA The High Council of Beja Nazirs and Independent Chieftains stated in a press conference in Kassala on Thursday that they have decided to withdraw the file of the Eastern Sudan Track protocol, which is part of the 2020 Juba Peace Agreement, from the Supreme Committee for Addressing the Situation in Eastern Sudan, headed by Mohamed ‘Hemeti’ Dagalo, Deputy-Chair of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, because “it deviated from the course of the case”.
Sudan timeline April – June 2022: Popular resistance to junta escalates, banditry and intercommunal strife in Darfur and across Sudan as 15 million face hunger
July 31 – 2022 DABANGA SUDAN The second quarter of 2022 witnessed an escalation of popular resistance to the ruling military junta in Sudan, presided over by Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, and Lt Gen Mohamed ‘Hemeti’ Dagalo. Lawlessness and banditry by armed groups scourge Darfur and Kordofan, while inter-communal and tribal clashes erupted across the country.
Siddig Tawer: Sudan junta ‘is preparing to tighten its grip on the country’
July 29 – 2022 KHARTOUM According to Siddig Tawer, prominent member of Sudan’s Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, the current rumours about imminent decisions to be announced by Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan are intended to prepare the public opinion for a tightened grip by the military on the country.
Children die as measles spread in South Darfur camp
July 29 – 2022 NYALA Kalma camp for the displaced near Nyala, capital of South Darfur, is witnessing a deadly outbreak of measles, amid acute food shortages. More than six children die daily.
Former Sudan Sovereignty Council member warns of ‘descent into war’
July 28 – 2022 KHARTOUM Mohamed El Faki Suleiman, a former member of the Sovereignty Council, warned that the situation in Sudan may lead to the country's eventual descent into war.
Sudan: Sheik blames Blue Nile Wali for violence
July 27 – 2022 ED DAMAZIN A Native Administration leader in Blue Nile state, Abu Shotal, has accused the state Wali (Governor) Ahmed El Omda, of ‘communicating and colluding’ with Hausa leaders in preparation for last week’s violence.
Sudan doctors: Death toll in anti-junta protests now 116
July 27 – 2022 OMDURMAN / KHARTOUM The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors say that the killing of a young man in Omdurman brings the death toll among protesters since the October 25 2021 military coup, and subsequent crackdown by junta authorities, to 116 people.