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Former Sudan Sovereignty Council member warns of ‘descent into war’

July 28 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Mohamed El Faki, former member of Sudan's Sovereignty Council (File photo)
Mohamed El Faki, former member of Sudan's Sovereignty Council (File photo)


Mohamed El Faki Suleiman, a former member of the Sovereignty Council, warned that the situation in Sudan may lead to the country's eventual descent into war.

In an interview with Radio Dabanga, he said that the Sudanese people are “being tested more than ever”, adding that the “already fragmented civil and military forces and hateful discourses are a ready-made recipe for war”.

Suleiman called on all civil forces interested in the revolution to align themselves behind a single clear agenda.

The former council member added that “everyone must agree on the fundamental agenda” that represents the forces of the revolution, the various resistance committees, Forces for Freedom and Change, and the rebel movements that have signed and not signed the Juba Agreement.

He pointed out that the conflict between these forces may arise “through a perceived power imbalance between the positions that they have been handed”.

Suleiman stressed that it is better to entrust the transitional phase to a government on the basis of their independent competencies and expertise.

For his final point, he stated that the “completion of this step enables us to address the soldiers to return to the barracks and devote themselves to their task of establishing a national army”.

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