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A compact digest of the past week’s most-read highlights, from the heart of Sudan.

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USA sanctions Sudan companies 'with links to Hamas'

May 26 – 2022 KHARTOUM / WASHINGTON D.C. The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) revealed an expansive Hamas network in Sudan with one Hamas financier, Hisham Younis Yahia Qafisheh, operating and managing at least two Sudan-based companies, Agrogate Holding and Al Rowad Real Estate Development, in order to generate revenue for the Palestinian group.

Qafisheh, a Turkey-based Jordanian national, allegedly played an important role in transferring funds on behalf of companies linked to Hamas’ investment portfolio. He co-managed the operations and held key positions in several Hamas-controlled companies. including board positions at Sudan- based Agrogate Holding and Al Rowad Real Estate Development. Both Sudanese companies have been assigned ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist’ status.

ACJPS expresses concern over South Sudan border area fighting

May 27 – 2022 ABYEI The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) has expressed deep concern over the continued inter-tribal attacks between South Sudanese Dinka and Arab Misseriya tribes in Abyei area located at the border between Sudan and South Sudan in West Kordofan. The organisation explained that these attacks have resulted in the killing of 21 people and the injury of 12 others in four separate incidents in Abyei, and has called on the United Nations and the international community to conduct an impartial and independent investigation.

Since the secession of South Sudan from Sudan in 2011, both countries claim the border area of Abyei. The region is inhabited primarily by members of the South Sudanese Dinka Ngok clan. It is also the seasonal home of the Sudanese Arab Misseriya herder tribe.

More human rights abuses in Sudan despite lifting of State of Emergency
May 31 – 2022 KHARTOUM / OMDURMAN Two protesters complained about being abused in detention after they were held during a vigil for the young activists who are on trial after being accused of killing a police officer. Security forces also used heavy tear gas on protesters during Monday’s pro-democracy protests despite the lifting of the State of Emergency on Sunday
AU-IGAD-UN Trilateral Mechanism welcomes Sudan govt’s ‘positive steps for peaceful solution’
May 30 – 2022 KHARTOUM The United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), African Union, and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Trilateral Mechanism has welcomed Sunday’s decision by Sudan’s Sovereignty Council to lift the nationwide State of Emergency as “positive steps towards creating a conducive environment for a peaceful political solution for Sudan”.
$20 million UN grant for food security in Sudan
May 30 – 2022 KHARTOUM The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Khardiata Lô N’Diaye, has announced a grant of $20 million from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for Sudan. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) will receive US$12 million, the UN Children’s Agency (UNICEF) $7 million, with the World Food Programme (WFP) receiving $1 million to provide logistic support.
Sudanese journalists injured covering Khartoum protests
May 29 – 2022 KHARTOUM The Sudanese Journalists Network reports that two journalists were injured while covering the protests in Khartoum on Thursday, when security forces used tear gas to disperse the marchers. The network says that Amira Salih was hit in the chest by a tear gas cannister, while Emtithal Abdelfadil suffered breathing difficulties.
Sudanese abroad unite to support anti-coup resistance
May 29 – 2022 SUDAN A group of 26 Sudanese bodies and entities across the world have agreed to form The United Sudanese Revolutionary Forces Abroad, aimed at “continuing the revolutionary movement abroad to support the Sudanese resistance inside the country”.
Nominee US Ambassador to Sudan appears before Senate
May 29 – 2022 WASHINGTON The appointment of an official US Ambassador to Sudan has moved one step closer after US ambassadorial candidates for Sudan and South Sudan, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, and Kenya, appeared before the US Senate committee in Washington last week. If John Godfrey, who has been nominated by the Biden administration to take up the post, is appointed, he will be the first fully ranked ambassador to the country in 25 years. Sudan is currently served by a deputy ambassador.
Violence in North and West Darfur
May 27 – 2022 EL FASHER / SARAF OMRA / KEREINIK North and West Darfur witnessed various violent incidents in the past week. In North Darfur, a police assistant was attacked whilst a policeman threatened hospital staff and had to be disarmed by visitors. In West Darfur’s Kereinik, a man was killed.
Hospital tear gassed at yesterday's Marches of the Millions
May 27 – 2022 KHARTOUM / KHARTOUM NORTH / OMDURMAN / WAD MADANI / EL GEDAREF / NYALA A large number of demonstrators came out in response to the resistance committees’ callout for the May 26 Marches of Millions in Khartoum to demand full civilian rule. Protesters again faced violence from security forces and tear gas was fired in front of a hospital, bringing its patients in danger.
‘Unwise’ denial of UNITAMS advisor’s Sudan visa risks ‘severe international repercussions’
May 26 – 2022 KHARTOUM The decision by the Sudan government not to renew the residency visa of senior international advisor, Dame Rosalind Marsden, is ‘unwise’, and could lead to ‘severe repercussions from the international community”, a respected Sudanese political scientist warns.