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Sudanese abroad unite to support anti-coup resistance

May 29 - 2022 SUDAN
Protesters in Khartoum (Ayman Suliman-UN Sudan
Protesters in Khartoum (Ayman Suliman-UN Sudan

A group of 26 Sudanese bodies and entities across the world have agreed to form The United Sudanese Revolutionary Forces Abroad, aimed at “continuing the revolutionary movement abroad to support the Sudanese resistance inside the country”.

The Signatories said in a statement on Thursday, that they agreed in a meeting to activate work across, the media, financial, human rights, and diplomatic fronts, in order to bring down the coup and achieve civilian authority.

The group aims to organise activities of solidarity and support for the revolution, vigils against violations, signing statements and memoranda against the settlement, and calling for the extradition of war criminals to face international justice.

“This step aims to unite the revolutionary forces of Sudanese abroad, institutionally and democratically, so that the siege on the coup regime in our country is tightened, and that the organised circle of the National People’s Resistance expands internally and externally in the integration of roles among all actors who believe in the restoration and strengthening of the national civil democratic authority and the defeat of the junta forces,” the statement says.


  1. Sudanese Working Group
  2. Sudanese gather abroad to support revolution
  3. British and Irish Engineers Union
  4. International Committee Against Dams
  5. Nubian Assembly of the Gulf
  6. Sudanese-American Women’s Organization in Washington
  7. Janjawedi military coup resistance platform in Queensland, Australia
  8. Sudanese Assembly in Belgium
  9. Sweden Revolution Support Network
  10. Philadelphia Democratic Alliance
  11. New Jersey Centre for Democracy and Peace
  12. Sudanese Group of Victims of Torture
  13. Sudanese Front for Change
  14. Sudanese Network for Human Rights - Observer
  15. Popular Campaign for Rights and Duties
  16. Al Shayeb Cultural Forum
  17. Norway Revolution Support Initiative
  18. Our people movement in the United States of America
  19. A platform for freedom, peace, and justice in the displaced
  20. Former judges gather
  21. Officers describe arbitrarily dismissed officers and soldiers and police pensions (Tomorrow’s Gathering )
  22. Sudanese Magdrin Pulpit
  23. Voice of the Intifada Radio
  24. Southern California Cultural Forum
  25. Sudanese Women’s Union of the United Kingdom and Ireland
  26. Sudanese Club of Berlin

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