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Sudan says 2015 gold production reached 54 tons

September 10 - 2015 KHARTOUM
Gold bars (file photo)
Gold bars (file photo)

The Sudanese Minister of Minerals, Ahmed El Sadeg El Karori, announced yesterday that the country’s gold production amounted to 54 tons in the past eight months. Against the current market price of US$35,579 per ton, the production value would be close to 1,9 billion dollar.

Sudan is emerging as one of Africa's top gold producers. The Minister said that only 10 tons of the production is coming from companies, and the remaining from traditional mining carried out by individuals and locals.

In Darfur, some tribes are fighting over the mines, and financing their militia from the gold production.

In March the Ministry predicted a gold production for 2015 of 80 tons, growing to 100 tons in 2016 as some companies began to gradually enter the production phase. In July El Karori declared that 43 tons were produced so far.

He added that regulating traditional mining operations has reached its final stages in 13 states. Four of them were chosen for the implementation of a pilot scheme for the collection of duties which would be shared between the state and the central government.

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