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Sudan’s Popular Congress Party rejects doubling of water and electricity tariffs

July 29 - 2015 KHARTOUM
Women protest in a Khartoum suburb against the failing drinking water provision, May 2015 (file photo)
Women protest in a Khartoum suburb against the failing drinking water provision, May 2015 (file photo)

The Popular Congress Party (PCP), led by Dr Hassan El Turabi, considers the doubling of the water and electricity tariffs in Khartoum state unlawful.

“The PCP entirely rejects the increase of the water and electricity prices. The people cannot afford to pay more,” Kamal Omar Abdelsalam, political secretary of the party, told Radio Dabanga.

“We call on the people living in Khartoum to raise a complaint against the water corporation about this illegal collection of money.”

On Sunday Khartoum state announced an increase in the water tariff by 100 percent, to be implemented after the service has been restored. The announcement came less than 24 hours after the news of a proposed doubling in the electricity price.

Abdelsalam described the decisions as “irresponsible and unjustified”, saying that they reflect the failure of the responsible ministries to provide the services.

“The current crisis is not about electricity or water, but rather about conscience and ethical behaviour, in which the regime has miserably failed,” he stressed.

“The dams constructed by the government, and for which it has sold lands and borrowed large amounts of money, were apparently nothing more than a media stunt.”

The PCP political secretary demanded from the government to “assume its full responsibility for the water and electricity provision”, and urged the parliaments on federal and Khartoum state level to “perform their duty, and monitor those decisions”.

He added that his party is currently discussing with the opposition parties how to resist the increased electricity and water tariffs. 

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