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‘Sudan’s judiciary corrupt since 1989’: former judge

December 21 - 2014 KHARTOUM

The level and performance of the Sudanese judiciary has significantly deteriorated during the past 25 years, according to a former judge.

“The Khartoum regime that came to power by a military coup in 1989, has corrupted almost the entire judiciary,” former judge Seifeldawla Hamdallah said in Radio Dabanga’s satellite programme Sudanese files, broadcasted on Saturday.

“The Sudanese judiciary, with the exception of a few judges, has been purged entirely during the past 25 years. The dismissed judges were replaced by affiliates of the National Islamic Front [renamed National Congress Party in the 1990s, ed.], and elements of the security apparatus. Accordingly, the judiciary has become unwilling and incapable to adjudicate any cases posed against the State.”


Hamdallah noted that “the prosecutors have become even worse that the judges”.

“Though they are wearing ties, their mindsets are like those of police officers. They have become partisan state employees as they are 100 percent manipulated by the ruling party.”

The former judge stressed that the public prosecutors must be disconnected again from the executive branch. “The attorney-general and the prosecutors should be able to work independently from the Ministry of Justice - which is definitely not the case until today.”

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