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Sudan’s Forces for Change present vision for civilian govt to military council

April 18 - 2019 KHARTOUM
March of academics in Khartoum this week
March of academics in Khartoum this week

The signatories to the Declaration of Freedom and Change, a broad coalition of opposition parties including the Sudanese Professionals Association, a major force behind the Sudan Uprising, have rejected the seizure of power by Sudan’s military, and called on the public to maintain the protests and sit-ins.

The forces of freedom and change in Sudan expressed their disappointment that their proposals to form a transitional civil authority have not been implemented and conveyed the vision through a liaison committee to the interim military council.

Diverse representation

The proposals emphasise the formation of a political council and ministers and parliament to manage the transition through experts and professional competencies [technocrats], 40 per cent women representation in the Legislative Council, and taking into account the ethnic diversity in the Sudan.

The vision of the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change was summarised in three levels of the Transitional Civil Authority, acting in accordance with the Interim Constitution, which was drafted by the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change.

The first level is a presidential council that carries out the sovereign functions of the state. The second level is a small cabinet of experienced national experts with professional expertise, integrity and integrity, who carries out the executive tasks and the implementation of the transitional programme for the interim period.

Transitional civilian government

According to the vision of the forces of freedom and change, the third level is a transitional civil legislative council that carries out the transitional legislative tasks, in which women represent no less than 40 per cent. It includes all the revolutionary forces of youth and women and takes into account the ethnic, religious and cultural diversity of Sudan. Institutions to implement what the masses of our people in the declaration of freedom and change.

“All the personalities of the transitional civil society structures will be announced in the next few days, following the completion of the extensive consultation process, which will ensure a fair and balanced representation of all the Sudanese revolutionary forces. The main issue is to link the peaceful civil transfer of power to the cause of stopping the war and building a comprehensive and sustainable peace.

“And change that the sit-ins of our great people represent the guarantor to accomplish all the tasks of the revolution, and we must hold on to them and join in their ranks until the interim civil authority takes over the country.”

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