Sudan Revolutionary Front ‘open to dialogue’ with FFC

The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF – an alliance of rebel movements) has welcomed an invitation from the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) to hold a conference in order to reform the coalition.

Leaders of the SRF alliance in Juba on January 27, 2020 (social media)

The Sudan Revolutionary Front* (SRF) has welcomed an invitation from the Forces for Freedom and Change** (FFC) to hold a conference in order to reform the coalition.

Yesterday, the SRF said in a statement that “the invitation coincided with our decision to open dialogue with all parties that make up the FFC and all other actors in the revolution”.

The rebel alliance confirmed that it is ready to receive a delegation of the FFC and affiliates in Juba, capital of South Sudan, “as soon as possible”.

The SRF stated that it sees the upcoming peace agreement as “a great opportunity to address the problems of Sudan during the three-year transitional period, to strengthen the partnership between all forces of the revolution, and to build a healthy partnership between civilians and the military”. The statement stressed the need for both sides to respect boundaries, and realise each other’s importance.

This comes one month after a statement by National Consensus Forces (NCF – a coalition of progressive political parties) which stressed “the importance of the participation of all stakeholders in the transitional government after reaching a peace agreement”. According to the statement, representatives of the leadership council of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) should take part in the ongoing dialogue with the rebel movements about the composition of the Legislative Council.

*The SRF is an alliance of rebel movements which was formed in November 2011 by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) of the Two Areas, and the three main Darfuri rebel groups: The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), the mainstream Sudan Liberation Movement under the leadership of Abdelwahid El Nur (SLM-AW), and the breakaway SLM faction headed by Minni Minawi (SLM-MM).

** The Forces of Freedom and Change is an coalition of movements including the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), the NCF, No to Oppression Against Women Initiative, MANSAM, Sudan Call, the Unionist Gathering, the Sudanese neighbourhood committees, and the SRF. In July 2019, the FFC negotiated a power-sharing plan with the Transitional Military Council (TMC) for a transition to civilian governance.

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