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Sudan rebels claim victory in Bau, Blue Nile

March 1 - 2015 BAU
SPLM-N combatants in the Blue Nile (file photo)
SPLM-N combatants in the Blue Nile (file photo)

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North reported that it inflicted heavy losses to government troops in Jam and Soda, Bau locality, on Saturday.

“The SPLM/N’s second front of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) in Blue Nile state liberated Jam town and the area of Soda area today,” rebel spokesman Arno Ngutulu Lodi announced in a press release on Saturday.

According to Lodi, the SPLM-N seized in Jam “the following equipment in good condition”: one land cruiser mounted with 12.7mm MG; one 12.7 mm MG; one water tanker; three heavy earth moving machines; one mortar 82 mm; two bucklings (escalators); one HF radio; two fuel tankers; five PKM machine guns; five Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs); rockets; 50 boxes of 12.7mm mortars; three 60 mm mortars; 22 AKM rifles, six boxes of RPG-7 shells, and quantities of other ammunition.

The rebel fighters captured four government troops. 22 employees of the government-owned mining company present “in the war zone” were evacuated to “a safer location for protection”.

In Soda, the SPLM-N seized two 12.7 mm MGs, one land cruiser mounted with 12.7 mm, one 120 mm mortar, six 60 mm mortars, two HF radios, and a large quantity of ammunition.

Lodi stressed in the statement that “our forces are determined to continue supporting the struggle of Sudanese people to overthrow the National Congress Party regime”.


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