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Sudan opposition plans more demos for this week

January 20 - 2019 OMDURMAN
Demonstration in Sudan this week
Demonstration in Sudan this week

The forces that signed the Declaration of Freedom and Change announced the running of three protest marches in the different districts and cities of Sudan within the framework of the revolt movement, which has shaken the pillars of the regime.

In a joint statement, the allied opposition represented by the Sudan Call, the National Consensus Forces (NCF), the Unionist Association, and the recently established Sudanese Professionals Association announced “a procession for the martyrs” in downtown Omdurman on Sunday, which will proceed to the buildings of the Parliament along the Nile, in conjunction with demonstrations in the districts of the capital.

On Tuesday, January 22, an evening march will begin in El Haj Yousef in Khartoum North and Ombadda in Omdurman to salute the martyrs and the struggles of the Sudanese.

The statement confirmed the continuation of the peaceful processions and work to expose the practices of the regime, which will be held accountable to the administration of justice soon.

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