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Sudan Ministry of Finance committed to ‘fully reimbursing teachers’

April 21 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Sudanese Teachers Committee (File photo)
Sudanese Teachers Committee (File photo)

A delegation from the Sudanese Teachers Committee held a meeting yesterday with Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, President of Sudan's Sovereignty Council, in order to review the committee’s unmet demands.

The Ministry of Finance pledged to disburse the salaries and shortfall, according to the full outlined structure, as well as disbursing an Eid al Fitr grant.

The delegation asked El Burhan to abolish his recent decisions that impacted teachers, and to ensure that teachers would not be punished for “exercising their rightful right to strike”.

The meeting concluded with the formation of a joint committee between the Ministry of Finance and the Sudanese Teachers Committee to follow up on the implementation of the decisions discussed.

The committee stated that they will communicate with the various teachers’ committees across Sudan, to relay the results of the meeting and to implement the necessary measures to ensure their compensation.

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