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Sudan teachers’ strike threatens basic and secondary school exams

April 17 - 2022 KHARTOUM

The ongoing strike by Sudan’s teachers is set to continue into the next week, as educators threaten to boycott basic and secondary certificate exams if the demands are not met. Teachers across Sudan are demanding payment according to the new salary structure, as well as disbursements of adjustments for 2020-2021.

The Sudanese Teachers’ Committee confirmed the continuation of the teaching strike during the next week. The committee said in a statement that teachers will continue the strike until at least Thursday, threatening to boycott the work of the basic and secondary certificate exams if their demands are not met.

The committee pointed out that conducting early exams aims to break the strike and end the school year, does not take into account the requirements of the educational process, and lacked the basics of correct measurement, “as if the exam is an end in itself”. The committee emphasised that “the educational process currently does not rise to the level of conducting the measurement and evaluation process… what is happening now in education is nothing but a farce and must be stopped immediately”.

The committee added, “We are addressing parents that we are keen on the future of our students. We are doing now is only a correction of a wrong practice and an insistence on putting education on the right track.”

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