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Sudan Education Committee discuss schooling for nomads

March 28 - 2018 OMDURMAN
Darfuri nomads water their camels in a wadi (File photo: Pete Wiggins)
Darfuri nomads water their camels in a wadi (File photo: Pete Wiggins)

The Education Committee of the Sudan Parliament had recommended the need to consider how to ensure the education of children of nomads in the educational process and support community initiatives to encourage continuity.

At a workshop at the Houses of Parliament in Omdurman this week, the committee called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop a vision to resolve the problems of nomads, considering that their issues have become international.

The papers presented during the workshop on nomadic education highlighted the challenges faced by the nomadic population such as wars, conflicts between farmers and pastoralists, closing the pastoral tracks to some nomads, and high levels of illiteracy in their societies.

The participants emphasised the suffering in education faced by nomads at the moment, and pointed out to their important role in supporting the Sudanese economy through livestock.

The participants also called for the enactment of legislation consistent with the nomadic lifestyle, the provision of dormitories for students, the appointment of nomadic teachers, and the enactment of the local laws governing nomads.

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