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Sudan doctors: One dead, at least 78 injured in April 6 anniversary protests

Khartoum Marches of the Millions - 'The People are Stronger - No Way Back' (File photo)
Khartoum Marches of the Millions - 'The People are Stronger - No Way Back' (File photo)

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) confirmed the death of one protestor and at least 78 injured, during yesterday’s nationwide anniversary demonstrations commemorating the 6 April 2019 protests that heralded the overthrow of the 30-year Omar Al Bashir’ dictatorship less than a week later.

According to the CCSD, El Tayeb Abdelwahab (19), died after a bullet damaged his femoral artery when he was shot in the thigh by coup forces, during protests in the East Nile region of Khartoum state.

The Sudanese doctors also announced in their report today, that 22 protestors were injured by shotgun fire, as cartridges exploded with shot pellets and injured protestors in various areas on the body.

Dozens of protestors across Sudan were injured by tear gas canisters, as well as a report of a protestor being ran over by a security force vehicle. Sound bombs and rubber bullets were also used by the coup forces in an effort to disperse demonstrators.

Coup forces also surrounded Omdurman’s El Arbaeen Hospital during their suppression of retreating processions returning from demonstrations outside the parliament perimeter. According to doctor’s statement, coup forces fired bullets and sound bombs at the demonstrations within an earshot of the staff and patients.

The CCSD reported that the East Nile Hospital in Khartoum had to close their emergency department, due to the assault launched by security forces on doctors and other medical staff.

The Unified Office of Doctors in Sudan said in a statement, that the siege launched on the various hospitals in Sudan was a “blatant violation by the coup authorities and the continuation of a series of encroachments on health facilities which violate patient rights”. The statement also appealed to all doctors in the field “to assist hospitals in treating the wounded and injured”.

Resistance across Sudan

Darfur’s main cities also witnessed demonstrations in yesterday’s anniversary March of the Millions. Resistance committees in Darfur were out in full force, protesting in cities and localities such as El Fasher, Nyala, Zalingei, Ed Daein, El Geneina, Sirba, and Saraf Omra.

The Darfur demonstrations echoed chants denouncing the coup, demanding full civilian rule and the return of the military to the barracks.

In the states, demonstrations also took place across the major cities in solidarity with the 6 April anniversary protests.

Port Sudan in Red Sea sate, Kosti in White Nile state, and Atbara in the Nile River State saw mass arrests and detentions against protestors and reported cases of children being detained in Kosti.

The Kosti Resistance Committee member, Mahmoud Habibullah, said the demonstrations witnessed a ‘brutal use’ of bullets and tear gas against protestors.

He also stated that the number of detainees exceeded 50 people, including children and girls in Kosti, as well as the pre-emptive arrests of activists in the area. Seven peaceful resistance committee members were also arrested in Gedaref.

Port Sudan witnessed widespread attacks by the security forces on peaceful demonstrators in the city using tear gas, whips, and batons.

Video clips published on social media showed protestors defying the coup authority tactics, which aimed to block processions from advancing to the Republican Palace in Khartoum. Authorities shut down the main bridges that link the three cities of the capital to each other. However, protestors were seen climbing the containers and even lifted motorcycles over them, to cross into Khartoum and resume their march towards the Republican Palace.

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