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SPLM-N claims killing 70 Sudanese troops

November 2 - 2012 KADUGLI

The Sudan People Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) announced it killed 70 Sudanese government troops and wounded another 150 on Friday, 2 November. In addition, six SPLM-N soldiers were killed and 16 got injured, Radio Dabanga was informed.

Arnau Nugutulu Lodi, the rebel group’s spokesman, told Radio Dabanga that a heavy battle between them and government forces broke out in the village of Del Da’ako northeast of Kadugli, South Kordofan.

Lodi said the battle began at 6am on Friday and lasted for 13 hours, until 7pm.

The spokesman recounted that after ‘an overwhelming defeat’ the Sudanese troops fled to Kadugli. He asserted the SPLM-N will follow them to the city, where the battle will continue.

Lodi pointed out the government troops are in a group of 1.500 soldiers, with two tanks and 15 vehicles equipped with Dushkas.

Radio Dabanga could not reach the Sudanese army for comments.

Food insecurity in SPLM-N areas

On another note, a report monitoring food security and access to basic services in some SPLM-N areas in South Kordofan indicated that the levels of ‘moderate’ and ‘severe’ hunger are rather high in several parts of the state, according to a United Nations OCHA bulletin from 28 October.

It was further stated that food insecurity is a problem for local residents as well as for displaced families.

Although the report cautioned that at this stage it is not possible to assess whether these scores are high or low for this time of the year, it also indicated that ‘the outlook for this year’s harvest is poor’. The reasons attributed to it are largely the result of conflict and insecurity that limited farmers' access to land.

In addition, health care facilities have been closed in all of the surveyed localities and access to drinking water has been particularly limited in Umm Dorein and western parts of Kadugli locality, it was pointed out. It was also stated that these areas are where the heaviest fighting occurred and where the highest numbers of aerial bombs and deaths have been reported.

The data was collected in Heiban, Um Dorein, Delami and in western parts of Kadugli locality between 4 and 28 August 2012.

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