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South Kordofan violence resurfaces as dozens are killed or wounded in tribal clashes

April 29 - 2021 GEDIR / KEDBER / DIBEBAD
(file photo)
(file photo)

Dozens of people were killed or injured during tribal clashes that lasted for five consecutive days in the El Hamid district of Gedir, South Kordofan. Other violent events took place in the state as well.

Neel Hussein, the mayor of Abu Jubeiha, told Radio Dabanga that armed confrontations between the rivalling parties continued yesterday morning. He confirmed that the clashes caused a “large number” of deaths and injuries, although the exact figures are not yet known due to continuing confrontations.

The mayor further confirmed that a third party entered the conflict and that military reinforcements have arrived to contain the situation.

Hussein stated that the wali (governor) of South Kordofan, Hamid El Bashir, has failed to provide security for the state. He told Radio Dabanga that currently, the region is in a state of chaos, and many people have been killed.

Police killing

In a separate event, Jahallah Osman died while in custody at the police station in Dibebad on Tuesday. His body has been transferred to the mortuary in El Obeid, capital of North Kordofan, so that the cause of death can be determined.

Witnesses from Dibebad told Radio Dabanga that Osman was detained for stealing solar panels. The witnesses also indicated that the family of the deceased refused to receive the body of their son until an autopsy had taken place because there are reports that the deceased has been tortured in police custody.

People from Dibebad blocked the road to El Obeid on Tuesday in response to the incident.


A man was killed while another was wounded in an ambush by gunmen in the village of Kedber in South Kordofan yesterday.

Sources from the area told Radio Dabanga that an armed group stole cows from Kedber, causing panic among the villagers.


Last week, at least four people died and 18 were wounded when clashes erupted in Abbasiya after the theft of a rickshaw. Earlier this month, a villager was killed while he was working on his farm in Habila locality and two others were killed in the same area on the same day in a separate incident.

These are not the only violent incidents in the Habila locality recently. Radio Dabanga reported on the death of two other farmers who were killed at the end of last month by unidentified gunmen. A case was filed at the police station, but no action was taken.

In the same month, a Hausa omda (community leader) was killed during an attack at his home in South Kordofan in March. His relatives reported the case to the police of the town, but no investigations have been done.

South Kordofan witnessed protests earlier this year over the rampant insecurity in the region. At the start of January, Radio Dabanga reported on a surge in violence and crime in the western parts of South Kordofan. People are particularly frustrated about the lack of police action.

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