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Hausa omda shot in Sudan’s South Kordofan

April 20 - 2021 KHARTOUM
Abu Jubeiha in South Kordofan (File photo)
Abu Jubeiha in South Kordofan (File photo)

Last week, a Hausa community leader died of shot wounds sustained during an attack at his home in South Kordofan in March. His relatives reported the case to the police of the town, but no investigations have been done.

The Sudanese Human Rights and Development Organisation (HUDO) reported this morning that Haroun Abdelgadir, Omda of the Hausa community in El Fayed Um Abdallah and surroundings, died in Khartoum on Friday, “due to complications caused by injuries from the shooting incident”.

The Hausa tribal leader was attacked by a group of armed men in his house in El Fayed Um Abdallah in Rashad locality (formerly Abu Kershola locality).

After midnight, armed people broke into the house of the omda and called out his name, HUDO states. When he appeared, they immediately shot at him, and fled.

Abdelgadir sustained bullet wounds in the right side of his face and his ear, was taken by to the Fayed Um Abdallah health centre. Later, he was transferred to a hospital in El Obeid, capital of North Kordofan, and from there to Khartoum for further medical treatment.

His family reported the attack to the police of El Fayed Um Abdallah, but no further investigations have been done.

HUDO calls on the Sudanese authorities to urgently investigate and hold to account the police in South Kordofan, for not doing their duty and investigate crimes, and to immediately address the state of insecurity in South Kordofan’s Nuba Mountains.

Hausa-speaking communities are living throughout West Africa and along the traditional Muslim pilgrims’ route north and east traversing the Sahara to Mecca. In Sudan, most Hausa currently live in the southern parts of the country, and in Khartoum.

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