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South Darfur flour distributors embark on strike

May 12 - 2015 NYALA
(file photo)
(file photo)

Flour distribution companies in South Darfur have announced a strike, in protest against the state’s imposition of an additional fee of SDG25 ($4,15) per every sack of flour to be paid by agents.

Sega, Seen and Weeta companies have closed all distribution outlets that led to the stop of many of the bakeries in Nyala city.

The head of the department of state bakeries, Adam Abu Gitta, has accused the state government of imposing unjustified fees to fight the flour companies operating in the state. He believes they are replaced with flour the Ministry of Finance has imported from Turkey, which is not desired by the bakery owners.

Gitta called on the state government to cancel the fees, and pointed out that the decision would bring back again queuing in lines to obtain bread in South Darfur.

Long queues in front of bakeries have become a common phenomenon in various parts of the country. Radio Dabanga reported on 25 March that the flour gap at Sayga Company, one of the largest flour companies in Sudan, had reached 75 percent. The production by the Seen Flour Mills had been decreased with 50 percent.

The flour crisis has been attributed to the scarcity of foreign currency needed for the import of wheat.

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