Blue Nile rebels fight back against Sudan army

Rebels of the SPLA-N in Blue Nile state claim repulsing several attacks by the Sudanese army in Kulgu hills. Fourteen were reportedly killed in total.

Forces of the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) claimed to have repulsed attacks by the Sudanese army in Kulgu hills, south-west of Ed Damazin town.

The attacks lasted from Thursday to Sunday, the rebel group in Blue Nile state said, and the army inflicted heavy casualties. On the last day the army and allied militias fled the scene, leaving 13 dead on the ground, one tank destroyed and various ammunition, the statement read. One rebel was killed, and three sustained injuries.

Fighting between Sudanese government forces and the armed opposition  began in June 2011 following disputed elections in Southern Kordofan, and quickly spread to Blue Nile state. In both states, the conflict has been marked by Sudan’s use of explosive weapons in air attacks on towns and villages in their search for armed rebels.