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SLM-MM congratulates Sudan Call on successful alliance

March 23 - 2018 DARFUR
SLM-MM leader Arko Minni Minnawi (File photo)
SLM-MM leader Arko Minni Minnawi (File photo)

The Sudan Liberation Movement faction under the leadership of Arko Minni Minnawi (SLM-MM) has congratulated the Sudan Call Forces for the successful structuring of the new alliance, expressing hope that it will succeed in mobilising more Sudanese parties to confront the regime and overthrow it.

In a statement yesterday, the movement's spokesman, Mohamed Hassan Haroun proclaimed that “the field of just and committed struggle for the cause of the homeland is not the concern one group of the people of this country”.

Haroun warned that “the movement does not allow anyone to dictate positions but will take whatever positions dictated by the statute and political literature and vision of the country's crisis and strategy”.

The movement also stressed in its statement that “the fight against the regime and toppling it is not through the media, over-theorisation, criticism, and political trading. That could not kill a fly, let alone topple the regime,” the SLM-MM statement concludes.

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