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Slain protestors buried in Sudan

Protestors dodge tear gas cannisters at a Sudan protest (File photo: Social media)
Protestors dodge tear gas cannisters at a Sudan protest (File photo: Social media)

Omdurman and Khartoum North (Bahri), saw the funerals of two protestors yesterday, who were shot dead during Monday’s Marches of the Millions. Activist Nazim Sarraj, reported that 200 protesters in Khartoum and Wad Madani, capital of El Gezira, were injured during the Marches of Millions on Monday. Khartoum recorded 130 injuries, Khartoum Bahri 44, Omdurman 15, and Wad Madani nine.

He pointed to a number of injuries with live ammunition and dozens of injuries from direct tear gas canisters, as well as rubber bullets, stun grenades, machine guns, and brutal beatings. He noted that a number of injuries required surgical intervention.

The Unified Doctors Office condemned the storming by government forces of El Arbaeen Hospital in Omdurman and the Khartoum Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital during the protests on Monday.

The office said in a statement on Tuesday that the forces raided the El Arbaeen Hospital and threw stones at the hospital, smashing the windows and doors, before firing tear gas canisters into the operating room.

Members of the army stormed the Khartoum Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital while chasing demonstrators on El Gasr street in downtown Khartoum.

The doctors called on the legal authorities to document these violations and push legal procedures to the courts to preserve the rights of patients and hospitals.


Doctors of Khartoum Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital announced that they will stop examining non-emergent cases in a number of clinics and scheduled operations from Tuesday until Thursday in protest against the government forces’ storming of the hospital.

The medics said in a statement [yesterday] that the forces smashed doors, intimidated patients and their relatives, terrified hospital staff by brandishing weapons, seizing personal phones, storming administrative offices, accidents, intensive care, chasing women doctors in the hospital corridors, and firing tear gas inside the accident hall.

The doctors demanded to hold the aggressors accountable, to apologize and pledge in the media not to repeat what happened. And securing the hospital to ensure the safety of its staff, including the rehabilitation of the gates. And threatened further escalation of protests in the event of failure to respond to the demands.

UN Expert

The independent UN expert on human rights in Sudan, Adama Dieng, expressed alarm at reports of the killing of protesters by security forces in Khartoum on Monday, as well as reports of two incidents involving security forces inside hospitals.

In a post on Twitter, Dieng described the video of the tear gas in the operating room as ‘shocking’. Dieng reminded the authorities of the obligations they made to him last week to respect human rights. He called on the police to stop the use of excessive force against demonstrators, to urgently investigate these incidents and to hold those responsible to account.

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